prince super bowl episode new girl zooey deschanel jake johnson 'New Girl' Super Bowl episode: Prince is magic“New Girl” has affirmed what we always knew, even before the show’s special Super Bowl episode: Prince is magic.

How could he not be? In a single party, Prince taught Jess about love and had a butterfly land on his shoulder! He really is a magical creature.

Finger guns?

It’s a good thing that Prince is around too, what with Nick saying “I love you” to Jess for the first time. She’s in the limo and on her way to the Prince party when it happens, and the shock is so much that her only response is finger guns.

For the record, this is not generally seen as an appropriate response to a display of affection for anyone over the age of eight.

Jess is obviously mortified at her actions, but the words still aren’t coming. Nick, meanwhile, laments the fact that he’s awfully intense and has a tendency to blurt out his feelings at the drop of a hat. But with Jess off at an exclusive party, what is there to do?

Fire and Ice

The guys decide to crash the party, because of course four random guys can just walk into Prince’s house. Actually, three out of the four come up with pretty good strategies for this. Winston and Coach have a well-rehearsed bit — “Fire and Ice” — in which they talk about a dead comrade-at-arms with such emotion that no bouncer could turn them away. Nick Trojan-horses his way inside surrounded by models.

It’s only Schmidt — the most desperate of the bunch — who fails to get past security. Fortunately, he’s is a clever young man who manages to climb in through some bushes.

Then he conveniently buries his face in Cece’s chest so the bouncer can’t find him.

Prince wins at training montages

The only thing this evening still needs is a visit from Prince himself. And not a moment too soon — Jess and Nick are getting nowhere in their love talk alone. Thus, Prince takes Jess under his wing.

This leads to one of the greatest training montages in TV history. Under Prince’s magical tutelage, Jess learns how to dress, play ping pong, face her fears of the dark and eat pancakes (apparently Charlie Murphy wasn’t kidding) while gaining wisdom from Prince lyrics.

No wonder the butterfly likes him.

In the end, the whole gang gets called onstage to sing and dance with His Highness. It’s an amazing way to end the night — except for Cece, who ends by beating Prince at ping-pong.

Relive the experience with Max Greenfield

What was it like being with Prince on the set of “New Girl”? We mere mortals may never know, but at least we can get a hint from the tweets of Max Greenfield (Schmidt).

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