So it looks like Nick and Jess are going to be a thing on “New Girl.” The end of “Quick Drying Caulk” made that clear. The question now becomes, is there any future in the relationship between these two roommates? To decide, we present a list of the pros and cons resulting from their love.


  • The chemistry between Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) is undeniable. Something simply has to happen between them.
  • These two genuinely care about each other. When Jess was medicated and in bed, Nick was the one tucking her in and feeding her excessively hot soup.
  • Neither one is in any sort of serious relationship with anyone else.
  • It’s been two seasons. Surely that’s long enough for us all to wait?
  • Jess and Nick already depend on each other for even non-emergency situations. Like going to the hardware store for sexually suggestive items…
  • They’re both nutjobs.
  • “I’m Judy Garland!” With this exclamation, Jess proved that she is a good match for Nick and his weird, old man voices.
  • Who else in the apartment is Jess going to date? 
  • This.

new girl nick jess relationship kiss zooey deschanel jake johnson fox 'New Girl': The pros and cons of any Nick and Jess relationship


  • Nick and Jess hurt each other. Like physically. Seriously, these two people barely made it out of “Quick Drying Caulk” alive.
  • When these two get together, there is a lot of yelling.
  • This: “You caught him pleasuring himself to a mail-order steak catalogue.” — Jess
  • Jess likes Nick best when he’s actually doing stuff. This is not a constant state-of-being in the life of Nick Miller.
  • Based on both Nick’s and Jess’ reactions to each other, a lot of this attraction is purely physical. For example, to quote Jess: “I want him. I want him… bad.”
  • The proposal, as it stands, is mostly for sex.
  • Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) might have an opinion on this one. It’s not likely to be a positive one.
  • Nick tends to have sex with a lot of girls. Granted, he gets nice and monogamous when in relationships. So maybe that’s okay.

So should romance happen between Nick and Jess? Will these crazy kids work out? We may have to wait and see…

Posted by:Laurel Brown