new girl recap menzies zooey deschanel jake johnson fox 'New Girl': Top 10 reasons Jess Day has funnier PMS than you

Sorry, fellas, if the subject of this article makes you uncomfortable. But you probably couldn’t handle the latest “New Girl” episode, “Menzies,” anyway. Not with PMS jokes sprinkled throughout.

But for those of us who are cool with the insanity that is PMS, we should celebrate the funny that comes from someone else’s time of the month. Because it is so not funny when it’s our own.

It is, however, quite funny when the PMS belongs to Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel).

So, with no further ado, here are the top 10 examples of Jess’ amusing and apparently contagious PMS:

“Ow! My skin!”

“I don’t think it’s fair that women have an excuse once a month to act irrationally angry. When the rest of us have to keep it together all the time.”

“It feels like I’ve laid a million eggs and they’re all hatching!”

“I just stayed at home and did a watercolor about mountains…”

“No! PMS is mine! Stop stealing my stuff, Winston!”

“Somehow, I got on that woman’s cycle of menstruation. And I got that menstruation inside of me!”

“If any of you cross me, I’m gonna kick the testicles clean off your bodies! Clean off! You’ll look like Ken dolls down there!”

“Men can’t get their periods. Where would they put the tampons?”

“Puppy!!! Cup!!!”


“I feel like I wanna murder someone, and also I want soft pretzels.”

Did we miss any? Do you find PMS funny? Does it make you irrationally angry that that last question was even asked? Share your feelings below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown