tanning salon mom kid New Jersey mom arrested for taking 5 year old tanningA New Jersey woman has been arrested for allegedly taking her five-year-old daughter to a tanning salon and exposing her to a tanning bed. Patricia Krentcil, 44, was arrested for child endangerment after her daughter was spotted at school with a severe sunburn.

A teacher reportedly overheard the girl telling classmates she “went tanning with mommy.”

In an interview aired on “Today,” Krentcil says she brought her daughter, Anna, into the room with her at a local tanning salon, but didn’t expose her to any harmful tanning rays.

“She’s my little girl. I’m not going to bring my little daughter into a 90 degree bed. I mean, that’s not normal,” says Krentcil.

Anna’s parents say it was a misunderstanding and she got a sunburn from playing in the yard.

Mom, by the way, says she’s been tanning all her life. And, we respectfully add, maybe it’s time to ease up.

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P.S. Anyone else suddenly thinking “There’s Something About Mary?”

something about mary tan New Jersey mom arrested for taking 5 year old tanning

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson