A New Mexico paper has declared Barack Obama the next POTUS!

The New Mexico Sun News printed the headline “Obama Wins” in its election edition on stands today, with “Special Collectors Edition” printed in bold red type.

Seems the Sun News is a bimonthly newspaper and the Oct. 26-Nov. 8 issue had to hit the streets — and the newsstands — before the election.

So, based on the polls, the editors made a logical leap of faith and declared Democrat Barack Obama the winner.

Explaining their choice, the editors wrote, “When it comes to calling the winner of a presidential election, everyone wants to be first. The New Mexico Sun News hereby claims that achievement.”

The alternative newspaper asks readers to get out and vote, “even if we did spoil the ending for you.”

Maybe not. Remember that "Dewey Beats Truman" headline?

And that Florida hanging chad mess?

It ain’t over yet. So everyone get out and vote on Tuesday!

Are you concerned that the media’s blitz about Barack’ Obamas lead may cause Democratic voters to get lazy and not go to the polls next Tuesday?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead