Beware or rejoice, Twilighters. “New Moon” will make “Twilight” look like the little independent movie it was.

The difference between the two is that “New Moon “looks a little bigger, more studio-like,” says Peter Facinelli, who plays the head of the Cullen vampire clan. “The CGI is gonna be pumped up a little bit. … It’s much needed because there’s a lot more CGI effects because you have a lot of werewolf stuff, and if that looks iffy then the movie won’t work.”

And he says that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s onscreen romance is strictly that — an onscreen romance.

Glad he cleared that up.

But we also talked to him about his new role on Showtime’s upcoming series “Nurse Jackie,” in which he plays yet another doctor, albeit a very different one from the calm Dr. Cullen. 

He kinda reminds us of Tom Cruise’s cocky character in “Jerry Maguire” on speed.

What do you think about Peter’s “New Moon” prediction?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead