Snooki Jersey Shore MTV 300 Filmmagic posts new picture of the 'Jersey Shore' star, real or fake?The anonymous owners of have released another risque photo of “Jersey Shore‘s” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to combat accusations that the first photo is fake.

We hope Snooki had an awesome Valentine’s Day with her new guido squeeze, Emilio Masella, because Monday (Feb. 15) she would have woken up to find yet another sexy picture of her has been released. Poor Snooki!

Last week, NakedSnooki released an image of the MTV star kneeling naked next to a bed. Several media outlets suggested the image was fake.

Today, the site released another picture in a side-by-side with Snooki’s own MySpace image of herself in her bedroom to prove that their images are not photoshopped grenades.

Check out the side-by-side below:

Warning: Semi-graphic!
]]>NAKED SNOOKI COM 500 posts new picture of the 'Jersey Shore' star, real or fake?Makes sense they’d post this image now. The company, who seeks to sell the photos, has everything to lose if the images are considered fake. RadarOnline also reports that the company has graphic video of the MTV star and they’ve seen it. While it doesn’t show Snooki’s face, it takes place in the same room as the posted pictures. The site says the video of Snook’s snookers is the most revealing, yet. Are you convinced has the real goods?

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‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki trash bags it up with her own nude photos Photo credit: FilmMagic / NakedSnooki

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