new princess diana photograph mystery man New Princess Diana photo features mystery man on alleged Swiss holidayA new photo has come to light of a young Diana, Princess of Wales, which is set to go up for auction later this month.

The Daily Mail reports that the picture is believed to have been taken on a Swiss ski holiday in 1979 or 1980, when Diana would have been 18 or 19 years old. It was sold to London newspaper the Daily Mirror Feb. 26, 1981, which is just two days after Diana’s engagement to Prince Charles was announced.

However, as you can see on the photo, someone at the publication did not see fit to publish a picture of the future princess lying with an unknown man reading a book, with a bottle of liquor on the window ledge nearby.

The photograph remained squirreled away in the Mirror’s archives until itw as purchased seven years ago by the Caren Archive, which is now putting the picture up for sale through RR Auctions in New Hampshire. The auctioneers expect the photo to sell for a few thousand dollars, particularly since it was marked “not to be published.”

Eric Caren, owner of the Caren Archive, tells the Daily Mail he acquired the photo after asking the Mirror if they would be interested in selling some of the their archived photographs.

“It’s an intimate photo. I don’t know the man in the picture and he could be a friend or a boyfriend,” says Caren. “This would certainly not be the way the Royal Family would have wanted Diana to be presented at that moment, given that two days before her engagement had been announced.”

The Daily Mail is taking tips as to the man’s identity at number 0203 615 51063. The photograph is going up for auction Jan. 17-24.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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