293.prejean.carrie.042209 Donald Trump was "reviewing additional materials" – checking out the newest sexy and half-clothed photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean — Monday night in order to decide her fate as Miss California.

His decision will be announced at the Plaza at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. And yes, Carrie will be there.

The topless photos of Prejean were released this morning by TMZ. The photos, definitely more salacious than the previous ones, show Prejean, 21, wearing an open top and underwear on a beach.

To be honest, it's nothing more than you would see on any public beach in Europe, but there ya go — this isn't Europe.

Adding to the mix, thedirty.com has released more photos of Carrie with admitted bong-hitter Michael Phelps (and his monogrammed butt) and other party boys.

Trump, who owns the Miss Universe organization,  told Greta Van Susteren on her show Monday night that he was going to meet with the controversial beauty queen this morning before he announces his final decision regarding her fate at a news conference

Asked by Van Susteren what criterion he base his decision on, he responded:

]]>"Well, look, first of all, I always like to give the benefit of the doubt to somebody. And I did that with Tara Connor, and she's really made me very proud because she's come through beautifully, at least so far. I mean, she was really suffering from major addictions, and she's really done a great job and we're all proud of her. And so that was a great thing. And most people didn't think I should do that. I took a lot of heat for doing it. So I was very happy with it.

"This is a very different case. And we'll see what happens. But we are determining tonight, certain things have already been determined, and you know, hopefully, you'll be at the news conference tomorrow."

At a Beverly Hills news conference yesterday, the Miss California organization already took appointed a possible replacement for Prejean.

Miss Cali runner-up Tami Farrell was named Beauty Ambassador of California.

Regardless of Trump’s decision today, pageant co-directors Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler said Ferrell will serve as “an ambassador” for the state’s organization, appearing in Prejean’s absence or in situations where it would be “unwise” to send her.

What do you think the Donald will decide?

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