sarah palin rogue book joe mcginniss New Sarah Palin book alleges cocaine use, extramarital affairsA new book is about to hit shelves that alleges some bombshells about former Alaska governor and possible 2012 presidential candidate Sarah Palin, reports the National Enquirer. The tabloid says it has spoken with sources close to author Joe McGinniss, who is publishing the book “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin” on Sept. 20.

According to the sources, McGinniss’ book details Palin’s alleged fling with former NBA great Glen Rice when he was in Alaska for a college basketball tournament in 1987, just nine months before Palin eloped with now-husband Todd. At the time, Palin was working as a sports reporter for the Anchorage station KTUU and the sources claim the book has Rice confirming the one-night stand. The book allegedly goes so far as to say that Palin had a “fetish” for black men.

The book also alleges a six-month affair with Todd’s former business partner Brad Hanson and that the affair was the reason Todd dissolved his snowmobile business with Hanson. Finally, the book alleges cocaine use by both of the Palins, saying Sarah was seen snorting cocaine off an oil drum while snowmobiling with friends before she became governor.

Those are some serious allegations. We wonder if Palin will respond to what the book alleges?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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