star wars re release New 'Star Wars' changes don't surprise old fans of the seriesThe subtle changes to the “Star Wars” franchise for its latest Blu-ray re-release have certainly made headlines — one site proclaims, “George Lucas feels the force of angry fans!” Fans have certainly reacted, but anger may be a bit of a stretch.

With a few lines of dialogue changed – including adding in a cry of outrage from one Darth Vader – some feel it’s a ploy to get fans who already own the series to make another purchase.

“This might work for Bieber 3D movies, but I think Star Wars fans are smarter than that. I’ll stick to the originals, thanks,” writes one fan.

Other reactions have been more mellow. One Zap2it reader wrote, “Now, if they can make Jar Jar Binks go away all will be perfect in the Star Wars world.”

In actuality, “Star Wars” fans may simply be accustomed to the changes — one reader refers to it as “Lucas-itis.” There’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to the slight alterations to the series made since its original release, ranging from dialogue changes to color corrections, tweaked special effects to added musical score.

The complete “Star Wars” re-release box set hits stores on Sept. 16 for an average retail price of $139.99.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie