mel gibson gun2 Mel Gibson admits hitting Oksana, threatens to kill herLife is not getting any easier for Mel Gibson.

His former mistress, Violet Kowal, tells InTouch that Gibson was paranoid, angry, jealous and did not want to use condoms. She was so frightened of his violent threats that she went into hiding for month. 

His talent agency, William Morris, has dumped him for his racist remarks on audio tapes that were leaked to the press.

And on a new and just-released audio tape, the enraged actor tells Oksana Gregorieva, the mother of his eight-month-old daughter, that she deserved the beating he gave her (he broke her teeth). He also threatens to kill her and bury her in the rose garden.

At one point Oksana responds to Mel’s ravings: “Because I am saving my life and I’m saving my daughter’s life! I don’t give a damn about my music and I don’t give a damn about you spending another penny! I’m saving her life! You almost killed us, did you forget?” After listening to this tape, it’s obvious to The Dish Rag that Mel needs some kind of medical and psychiatric help. His behavior is so out of control that we got scared listening to the audio tape in our own house. What do you think? What’s wrong with Mel? Will you ever go see another one of his movies? Kinda hard to imagine him doing another romantic comedy, like “What Women Want,” isn’t it? We know what women don’t want, Mel. To be threatened and insulted.

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