taylorlautner kristenstewart twilightnewmoontrailer1104 290 New 'Twilight: New Moon' trailer: Jacob makes a promise to BellaJacob Black’s a heck of a friend. I mean, where else would you rather turn when your vampire boyfriend declares your relationship a menace to both your lives?

I mean, sure, Jacob’s also a werewolf, but the new “Twilight: New Moon” trailer proves he’s a sensitive werewolf. And one with a huge crush on human teen Bella.

Snarkiness aside, the new video shows some nice quiet moments between Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Bella (Kristen Stewart), meaning audiences should get a nice, emotional but poignant look at teen breakups. Then again, Lautner and director Chris Weitz have promised the movie’s for guys, too, so the trailer immediately switches to this installment’s side order of “heavy on the action.”

Watch the new “New Moon” trailer:

“New Moon” opens in theaters Nov. 20.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser