robertpattinson kristenstewart twilight 290 New 'Twilight: New Moon' trailer makes its MTV Video Music Awards debutCheer up, Team Edward. You’re starting to get the attention you crave.

Despite early promotions focusing on human teen Bella and Jacob, the werewolf who loves her, the latest trailer for “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” spent most of its time on Bella’s relationship with vampire Edward.

The clip was introduced by a slick Taylor Lautner, a rumpled Robert Pattinson and a too-beige Kristen Stewart, who took time to thank the fans.

As spoiled earlier this week by MTV, we got a quick introduction to the Volturi (as the closest vamps have to The Law); saw Edward leave Bella and her anguished raction; watched Bella get all teen-reckless; and then witnessed Bella and Alice race to prevent Edward from essentially killing himself by… sparkling in front of witnesses. Yeah.

From there, the trailer took a turn to the action, with Jacob and his werewolf pack in battle against bad vampire Laurent and various law enforcement-types.

Oh, and Dakota Fanning‘s “This may hurt just a little”? Cree-pee. What do you think?

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Posted by:Andy Grieser