kristenstewart robertpattinson newmoon 290 New 'Twilight: New Moon' trailer spoiled by MTVDon’t want to wait for MTV to air the new “New Moon” trailer at their Video Music Awards? Check out… MTV.

The network’s Web site today provided a description of a shorter version of the new trailer. (Want to see the short version for yourself? Head to “Sorority Row.”) While there wasn’t a huge amount of detail provided — MTV does want Twi-hards to watch the VMAs, after all — they did post some hints at what to expect.

Spoilers are ahead, so stop reading now if you haven’t read the books or just don’t want to know how the movie handles certain events.

Among the highlights: 

  • Bella (Kristen Stewart) gets reckless (motorcycle accidents, cliff-diving) after her breakup with Edward;
  • The teen’s friends — Jacob included — confront her over said recklessness;
  • Alice explains why Edward thinks Bella is dead; and
  • Edward (Robert Pattinson) takes on the Volturi vampire elders. 

Check back in on Zap2it’s “New Moon” coverage during the VMAs for a full description of the trailer.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser