will and kate new photos gi New William, Kate photos   Traffic breaks the royals' websiteThe internet is buzzing about new intimate photos from Prince William and Duchess Catherine — no, not that kind of intimate photos — after the royal couple posted a personal gallery on their blog.

The pics got so much traffic, they broke the internet — or at least the couple’s website. A message on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge site reads, “Due to popular demand this page is temporarily unavailable. To view the photographs of The Duke of Cambridge and the photographs taken by The Duchess of Cambridge, please visit the British Monarchy Flickr page.”

A gallery entitled, “A day in the life of Flight Lieutenant Wales” showcases Will in his less-than-glamorous lifestyle as a member of the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue team. He makes coffee, makes his bed, and joins his fellow squadron members around a table at the mess hall.

Kate posts a series of of landscape photos she took in Borneo during her Diamond Jubilee tour with Wills to South East Asia and the South Pacific.

Sadly, no pictures of the happy couple are to be had, but maybe the massive traffic will give the royals a hint there’s an appetite for it.

Posted by:mchance