cory booker saves fire Newark Mayor Cory Booker on food stamps: Caffeine withdrawal and apple rationingNewark Mayor Cory Booker, who became something of a social media king after Hurricane Sandy ravaged his city and he diligently responded to requests and cries for help via Twitter, is spending one week on food stamps in order to show the country what an important program it is. For $1.40 per meal, or $4.32 per day, Booker is learning to conserve food and lessen cravings.

One craving that’s proven hard to kick? Caffeine. Coffee is too expensive, so Booker is going without. “I’ve … finally hit the wall with caffeine withdrawal,” he wrote on Friday, his fourth day of the challenge. “I’ve had a terrible headache all day and have been feeling sluggish.
I’m starting to think I need to put a little more thought into my
caffeine addiction.”

At the beginning of the week, Booker budgeted for two apples. “I think I’m going to save one for my last day and one for mid-week,” he said in a video blog. On Friday, he ate one for breakfast, marking his mid-way point through the challenge.

He says he realized he’d been eating too much earlier on in the week, so he’s forced to cut back over the end of the week. “My current daily food intake cannot continue at the same pace, and so my
new focus is on smaller portions spread throughout the day,” he says.

“I hope and understand that people are getting the recognition that this is a program that really helps America,” he says in his video blog, which you can view below. “Helps families in need. It’s not a government handout, if anything, it’s a safety net.’

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie