kim kardashian getty News anchor hates Kim Kardashian so much he wont say her name. Whos your pop culture Voldemort?The CW might’ve canceled “H8R,” but irrational celebrity hatred lives on.

Just this week a Dallas news anchor refused to even utter Kim Kardashian‘s name when discussing her 31st birthday (Oct. 21) on-air because he was so disgusted that she was an actual famous person people care about.

Well, “Good Morning Dallas” anchor Tim Ryan, we understand you all too well. Here at Zap2it, there are plenty of people we dislike so much it hurts to say their names. In honor of your brave stand against inexplicable reality star Kim Kardashian, here are the people whom, much like Voldemort, we can’t even mention by name.

Paris Hilton

Every time I re-watch “Veronica Mars,” I get to the second episode and become infuriated that Paris Hilton sullied one of my all-time favorite shows. It is grossly unfair that someone so disgusting and stupid has so much money. Andrea Reiher

Matthew Morrison

While I might not agree with Sue Sylvester’s (Jane Lynch) bullying of teenagers, I wholeheartedly support her intense hatred of Mr. Schuester and his creepy child molester hair. Sure, his voice is nice, but the self-satisfied smirk permanently plastered on his face makes me want to kick puppies. See, people? By continuing to exist, Matthew Morrison hates puppies. Jean Bentley

Jonah Hill

Because everyone can do what he does. Everyone. – Jeff Anderson

Diane Keaton

We don’t always have a rational reason for a celebrity revulsion. That’s the case with me and my utter loathing of Diane Keaton. Just. Don’t. Like. Her. I realize being a Keaton-hater is kind of a lonely road to walk, but here I am putting one foot in front of the other. Liz Kelly Nelson

Patrick Wilson

It wasn’t “Hard Candy” that made me turn against Patrick Wilson. Rather, I feel that “HC’s” casting director took one look at Wilson and got the same “ew” feeling that I do. Something about him screams obnoxious frat boy who always carries a bag of roofies in his glove compartment. And no amount of “Morning Glory” rom-coms or “A Gifted Man” finding his way is going to change my mind. So from now on, if you’re thinking about getting Patrick Wilson for your project, please go with Josh Lucas instead. He’s probably cheaper anyway. Brill Bundy


What can one say about Snooki that hasn’t already been said? Face like an orange, voice like a cheese grater on a chalk board, hair that inspired a thousand copy cats (always a deal breaker for me). So many, many things to be annoyed by… but nope. It’s mostly that voice. And the godawful accent. Jenna Busch

Joe Jonas

This should be obvious, but Joe Jonas is a life ruiner. He dumped Taylor Swift in a 27-second phone call. First of all, phone-dumping is generally unacceptable, but given these kids’ crazy schedules, we’ll excuse that. Regardless, everyone knows that getting dumped requires at least 30 seconds of talk about the weather, followed by 13 seconds (again, at the very least) of asking about your family’s well-being and then up to a minute of groveling and self-admonishment before one gets to the actual break-up. This is just the minimum standard of phone-dumping. And don’t even get me started on that Demi Lovato junk. He is a life-ruiner. He ruins lives. (Note: Life-ruinerism is not a genetic trait and thus we should refrain from judging the other Jonai for their brother’s failures. Nick Jonas for President 2040, y’all!) Carina Adly Mackenzie

Jennifer Hudson

I think it started when she won the Oscar for “Dreamgirls.” It wasn’t that she was undeserving — it would’ve been a bigger shock, frankly, if she hadn’t won — so much as the narrative of “See, ‘American Idol’? You sent her home, and now she has an Oscar. Nyah.” Here’s the thing: She probably deserved to get voted off “Idol” — maybe not in the exact week she did, but she wasn’t going to win that season.

And then came the “One Shining Moment” debacle of 2010. CBS asked her to re-record the ultra-cheesy but nonetheless goosebump-inducing song that closes CBS’ NCAA tournament coverage every year, which she unsurprisingly oversang. Even more unforgivable for this hoops fan, the video of great tournament moments kept cutting away to her wailing in front of the microphone. The rational side of my brain knows that probably wasn’t her call, but the irrational part seethed with hatred over her diva act distracting from the highlights. After that, we were done. Now every single one of her Weight Watchers commercials gets muted. Rick Porter

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