Today’s cuppa: British blend tea, Beverly Hilton coffee

Earlier this week, I sat down with Matt Frei from BBC News and posted some audio excerpts. As I’m typing, we’re listening to a panel from CNN discussing that cablenet’s convention and campaign coverage. Later on today, I’ll talk to CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, and am hoping to post some audio from that (yeah, I know keep promising. But I will, really. Regular writing deadlines aren’t suspended for the TCA Press Tour, so I’m paddling as fast as I can).

On the Fox Broadcasting schedule for Monday, I noted an afternoon hour devoted to cable newser Fox News. So I shot an email to Fox News publicist Irena Briganti and learned that the panel will feature Chris Wallace ("Fox News Sunday"); former advisor to President Bush and current Fox News contributor Karl Rove (considering his high profile, especially among the press, that should be fun); executive vice president of news editorial John Moody; and Howard Wolfson, a senior campaign advisor for Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has also signed on as a contributor.

Working on an interview with Wallace and possibly more folks. But the panel itself should be very entertaining, considering the criticism leveled at Fox News by many in the mainstream news and in the blogosphere.

More later…

Posted by:Kate O'Hare