Oscarstatue_290 On the heels of the Academy’s announcement that the Oscars will expand the Best Picture pool come two more changes.

First, while viewers will see more Best Picture nominees, they may see no nominations for best song. According to Variety, songs that score less than an 8.25 on a scale of 10 will not be considered for that year’s award… and if no songs make the grade, the category will be skipped during the ceremony.

The second change should speed along what’s historically been criticized as an overlong telecast: “Testimonial” Oscars like lifetime achievement and the Humanitarian Award will be presented separately at a November event.

The Smurfs will be getting in your face during their big-screen debut, according to ComingSoon.

The “Smurfs” movie will be presented in 3D, as well as being a mix of live action and CGI. That means John Lithgow, rumored to have signed on as evil Gargamel, will find lots of excuses to poke Smurf-hunting implements at the audience.

The movie is scheduled for a December 2010 release.


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Posted by:Andy Grieser