the newsroom 2 'Newsroom' recap: DemonstrationsEgypt is being overthrown this week, but that’s not nearly as important as the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day

MacKenzie, too, is unlucky in love. TMI, the source for true investigative journalism (unlike NewsNight), finds out that her boyfriend Wade planning to run for Senate, and he’s using his appearances on NewsNight to further that goal. It makes MacKenzie look like she’s using her show to promote her boyfriend, even though she’s so clueless that she had no idea he was considering a Senate run. MacKenzie is also clueless about math and the economy, because she’s the best EP in the business but doesn’t know what the Glass-Steagall Act is or how to do sums without using her fingers. She enlists Dr. Dr. Sloan to tutor her, only to spend most of the sessions crying about boys. It’s the kind of fine moment for female newswomen everywhere that we’ve come to expect from this show.

Even though he’s a man, Neal almost cries when the Egyptian reporter NewsNight hires – on his recommendation – to get in-depth coverage of the protests is captured by a fringe group. Neal feels very bad about this, so he punches a monitor and breaks his hand. Jim helps him get medical attention, even though Jim is also the walking wounded – he has a cut on his head from running into the glass door of the control room. Twice. Elliot gets it even worse when, at Don’s urging, he leaves his Egyptian hotel room to report what’s going on in the streets and is promptly beaten up. Don feels so bad about this that he runs into Reese’s door and hurts his shoulder. Basically, we have three people getting hurt because they’re idiots and one getting hurt because he wanted to get a story no matter the risk. And yet Elliot’s the one who’s not doing the kind of awesome news Will’s team is.

Speaking of Will, he learns that Nina can be paid off to stop reporting on him and MacKenzie. He’s just about to write her a check for $50,000 when she says that they are both journalists. Instead of $50,000, she gets another Willecture about what a terrible person she is. Will ends up spending $250,000 on ransom to free Neal’s Egyptian friend from his captors. When the rest of the newsroom find out about this, they give him checks to help cover the cost and then they all pat themselves on the back for being good people.

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