the newsroom 2 'Newsroom' recap: Lights OnThat cliffhanger we ended on last week is solved in the first three minutes of tonight’s episode, as MacKenzie makes a big inspiring speech about how they can put a broadcast on without electricity and then the power comes back. Will interviews Sandy and feels like a bad person but still thinks it’s all worth it for the debate. And then, after all that compromising, the RNC representatives show up, watch like five minutes of nonsense, and tell Will there is no way they’ll let him host the debate on his show with this new format because it is horrible and also all about Will, not the candidates. It’s a crushing blow for everyone, especially because the mock debaters made their own special sweatshirts and everything. But at least now they don’t have to cover the Casey Anthony trial or Anthony Weiner and can talk about Dr. Dr. Sloan’s precious debt ceiling.

Before that happens, though, they’re determined to get a Casey Anthony-related guest no one else has. Guess what? It turns out that Roommate Lisa went to high school with Casey Anthony! This makes her so desirable because apparently the high school they went to only had two students so it’s really hard to get other classmates. Lisa doesn’t want to do it, but Maggie and Jim are horrible people who go to her work and twist her arm. Then they leave a bunch of factoids about missing children in her dressing room so she’ll go on the air and talk about Things That Matter. Except that Lisa decides instead to talk about how abortion is a good thing because then people don’t have kids they’d end up murdering down the line anyway. That gets her place of work vandalized, so I’m sure she’s really glad she went on NewsNight. At least the crew didn’t have the utter and complete disdain for her they did for Sandy.

In the other plots, Neal continues on his quest to find the internet troll, only to wind up in a chat room with the guy who threatened Will. The payoff for this storyline better be that Will is shot at in the season finale. Nothing less will do. Han****turns out to be a less than reliable source. And Don turns out to be a real man about town, going on dates with other women when he and Maggie were broken up. One of them sends him flowers. I’m not sure why a woman would send flowers to the office of a guy she hasn’t seen in six months or so (unless Don and Maggie broken up more recently than we know), but she did, and now everyone knows about it. Including Maggie, who finds out from Don just as Jim is about to tell her how he really feels about her. Instead, Jim winds up with Lisa again.

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