the newsroom 2 'Newsroom' recap: Lots of LoveWell, it took half the season, but I think this show might have finally figured out what it’s trying to do. We skip the Japanese tsunami to deal with the aftermath, as Dr. Dr. Sloan gets to try her hand at anchoring a broadcast when Elliot takes off to spend the night with his five-year-old who just had his tonsils removed and needs to stay overnight in the hospital even though it’s an outpatient procedure. She goes to Will for last-minute tips, and he yells at her that she lets people lie to her on the air and that’s basically like being a drug dealer. So Dr. Dr. Sloan vows not to let that happen and ends up revealing what the spokesman for the Tokyo Electric Power Company told her off the record, thanks to her awesome knowledge of Japanese. She gets in a lot of trouble for this, but saves her job by lying on the air and saying she misunderstood the spokesman, at Charlie and Will’s urging.

Maggie, Jim, and Neal spend the episode investigating Will’s personal life for any future TMI stories. They discover that Will was in talks with Fox News to do a talk show in Los Angeles the same time that he was dating MacKenzie, which MacKenzie tries to throw back in Will’s face to prove that he wasn’t all that serious about her after all. Will says the Fox deal was never really going to happen and he knew that, and shows her the engagement ring he bought to give to her. Except that he actually bought it because he knew the Fox thing would come up during the investigation and he wanted MacKenzie to feel extra-bad about cheating on him again.

That’s because Will is a bully in this episode. It’s not his fault – his dad was abusive and he had to protect the womenfolk from him. We discover this when Will goes to his psychiatrist for the first time in four years after a bout with insomnia makes it hard for him to do his job. He just wants medicine, but is stuck talking about work problems instead, from Rick Santorum’s gay black campaign advisor and show guest who Will thinks shouldn’t be working for a man who hates gays (but who seriously tells Will off, which was pretty great) to the evil internet people who override ACN’s new non-anonymous commenting system in order to send Will death threats.

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