The first season of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO drama “The Newsroom” divided critics and fans with its inside look at a fictional cable news operation covering real life events.

Whether you thought Season 1 was brilliant, silly or somewhere in-between, the message of the show’s Season 2 promo is: We’re making a show for everyone!

“This season is a lot of fun, very exciting,” Sorkin promises in the promo above. “Anybody coming to it new is not going to have much trouble picking up what’s going on.”

There will be a new overarching story (much of the ACN crew is preparing for a deposition) and big challenges for returning characters: Jim opts to leave office tensions and love triangles behind to cover Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, Sloan and Don are going to get closer and Maggie will “lose everything” (ruh roh!).

Maybe the best news for fans? Chris Messina will be back as obnoxious executive Reese Lansing.

All that plus new guest stars including Marcia Gay Harden and Patton Oswalt. Season 2 of “The Newsroom” premieres on HBO on Sunday, July 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

Posted by:gberkshire