princess diana at 50 newsweek Newsweek's 'Princess Diana at 50' cover: Too far or way too far?

Given our international fixation with Princess Diana, it’s not surprising that we wonder how differently the world might be now if she hadn’t died in 1997 and lived to see her upcoming 50th birthday (this July 1).

But there’s got to be a classy, non-creepy way of doing that…

Newsweek’s latest cover story, “Diana at 50: If She Were Here Now,” hypothesizes how the people’s princess would have fit into the 21st century. And while the copy doesn’t rock the boat — she’d totally use Twitter, right? — the artwork seems offensive on several levels.

Aging Diana with what looks like a lazy Photoshop job, the cover shows her walking alongside would-be daughter-in-law Kate Middleton — more like a zombie in a hat than the dignified beauty we lost to a car accident. Inside she’s rendered less-awkwardly aged, but clutching an iPhone. (Why not?)

The article comes courtesy of Newsweek editor-in-chief and Diana biographer Tina Brown, and we’re wondering what exactly she was thinking.

No one wants to be remembered like this.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell