barry sanders NFL legend Barry Sanders replacing Hank Williams Jr. on 'Monday Night Football'

For years, the dulcet tones of Hank Williams Jr.’s “All My Rowdy Friends” welcomed America to another Monday night of football. In fact, the theme song became one of those iconic pairings of TV and music, a la “Cheers” or “Saved by the Bell.” It was re-recorded year after year and probably made Williams Jr. a truckload of money. We all thought it would never end, and life was good.

But then Hank Williams Jr. just had to talk politics (he’s a right-winger. Surprise!) and compare Obama to Hitler. And thus, the dream was instantly dead. So who would MNF get to replace the iconic singer? Garth Brooks? U2? The Black Eyed Peas?

Nah. They got former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders.

Thankfully, Barry Sanders won’t be doing some strange remix of the “Super Bowl Shuffle.” According to reports, he’ll be featured in a video segment that previews the game. Sanders confirmed on his Twitter: “Ok, I admit it, I will be at MNF this week and doing the intro.” ESPN also confirms, stating that “this is the format we’ll likely use the remainder of the season.” Whether that’s a whole season of Sanders or a weekly feature of a Hall of Fame star remains to be seen.

For the younguns and the uninitiated, Barry Sanders was an epic running back who made video game plays in real-life. He then retired early, allegedly because he couldn’t get out of his contract with the Lions who, at the time, were so terrible that retirement was the preferable option. Dang…

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