roger goodell nfl draft getty NFL owners approve a deal, players not on board yetThe NFL owners voted 31-0 Thursday (July 21) for a decade-long deal that will end the current NFL lockout, reports the AP. But the players declined to vote immediately and several took to Twitter to express their displeasure with both the agreement and the fact that the owners are making it look like it is only the players keeping the lockout still going at this point.

Tennessee Titans player Robert Johnson says, “Very funny the Owners tried to pull a fast 1 on us making the fans believe it’s because of US the players….Not this time buddy.”

And Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark tweets, “NFL players! Stay strong! We are still fighting for past, present and
future players. We will vote when they give us something to vote on!”

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco adds, “Smart move by the owners to gain positive public perception and pressure
the players into a bad deal shifting the negativity on us” and “Wonder how many people understand the awesome strategic move that some
genius came up with to shift the pressure n negativity on us.”

Carolina Panthers owner Jerr Richardson says, “It’s been long and at times has been very, very difficult. We’re confident that the players
and the teams have arrived at a good place. We think we have a fair, balanced

But a player representative for the Buffalo Bills, George Wilson, says this new agreement and vote is “an attempt to break the
spirits of our men and to fracture the solidarity that we’ve exemplified thus

There is no word yet on when the players will convene to vote on the proposed agreement.

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