Even if it’s all singing and smiles on-stage at “American Idol,” there has been a lot of trouble at the judges’ table throughout Season 12. New judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have notoriously been at each other’s throat since early in the audition process.

It doesn’t look like the feud has ended, and Nick Cannon — Carey’s husband — blames the “Idol” producers for the whole mess.

Although Cannon had his own show — “America’s Got Talent” to promote, he spent almost three minutes of an interview with Los Angeles’ KTLA News talking about Carey’s dissatisfaction with the direction “American Idol” has taken this season. “She didn’t sign up for that. She’s like, ‘Aw, man. I wish that experience could be about what this show is really about.’ Because she really loves these contestants and has a connection with her fellow singers,” Cannon said of his wife.

It also seems as though Mariah Carey was opposed to the whole “publicize the feud” idea from the beginning — even though the “Idol” producers thought otherwise. As Cannon explained, “What’s amazing is my wife [had] foreseen all of this — she tried to tell the network. She was like, ‘I don’t think this is going to work. I’m afraid.'”

Even though Carey has been trying to work through the producers’ choice, it doesn’t sound like she’s happy about it. “My wife has been taking the high road and trying her best not to just take it,” Cannon said. “But it feels like the producers and everybody else want to play into like, the sound bites and stuff.”

Does this mean that Mariah Carey is done with “American Idol” after just one season? Nick Cannon wouldn’t commit to an answer (which is fair). “It’s a time where she has so many amazing things going on in her life,” Cannon pointed out. “I think if they get it stable, she might re-look at it, but she doesn’t want to be a part of anything that’s unstable.”

Cannon also discussed the “Idol” situation on “The Talk,” pointing out that — in the end — “American Idol” wouldn’t mean much. “She’s above it. In the book of Mariah Carey, ‘American Idol’ will be a footnote,” Cannon said.

Will any of Nick Cannon’s comments have an effect on “Idol,” its producers or on Nicki Minaj? The answer is probably no, but it will be interesting to see as we enter the final two weeks of Season 12.

Posted by:Laurel Brown