nick mariah gi Nick Cannon gives out phone number on the radio, Mariah Carey is not amused“Think before you speak.”

Clearly, Nick Cannon has never heard this saying before. Cannon was hosting his radio show on Apr. 21 and decided to drop his actual home phone number while on the air. Oh, and his pregnant wife Mariah Carey was on the line when he did it. She was not amused. “Fan-freakin’-tastic,” Carey says after Cannon tells her what he did.

Cannon is set to go on paternity leave soon as the couple’s twins will be born any day now. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do ’cause I love coming in to work,” he says. Cannon gave out his phone number because he was going to miss his fans and listeners so much and wants them to keep in touch. “It shows how real I am,” he says of giving out his number.

Yes, it really is their home phone number, so if you’re a huge Mariah Carey fan and want to leave her a message, go ahead. Cannon promises he’ll pick up, but we think the couple Carey will be changing their number pretty soon so you better do it fast.

P.S. Here’s the number: 212-524-2998.

Posted by:tbricker