Back in 2012, celebrities reading passages from “50 Shades of Grey” out loud was the new hot, cool thing to do, and on Tuesday (Oct. 7), Nick Jonas brought back the trend.

In a Vine posted by Cosmopolitan, the star of the new TV drama “Kingdom,” which premieres Wednesday (Oct. 8), channels his Christian Grey-inspired side and reads an excerpt from the steamy page-turner. (Watch above if you want to hear the actor talk about “panties.”)

Now that Jonas has shown the world his sexier side (for the second time this month), does this mean that celebrities are going to start reading “50 Shades” out loud again? Because if so, there are a handful of male celebs that would be great for the job.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Considering Jackson completely nailed reading “Go the F*** to Sleep” out loud, there’s no question of whether or not he can pull off some E.L. James erotica.

2. Jim Dale

Dale, the man who’s the voice of all of the characters in the “Harry Potter” audiobooks, would be the perfect person for the job. After all, an English accent makes everything better.

3. Christopher Walken

Either Walken — or someone on “Saturday Night Live” who does a spot-on impression of him — should most definitely take a stab at reading the book.

4. Seth Rogen

Every other line would end with Rogen’s signature laugh, but who says “50 Shades” can’t be turned into a comedy one day?

Who else do you want to hear read “50 Shades”?

Posted by:Casey Rackham