98 degrees Nick Lachey has 'the fire' to reheat 98 DegreesNick Lachey won’t have time for it this summer, but he wouldn’t mind going the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys route in the future.

The former member — along with his brother Drew — of the boy band 98 Degrees is gearing up to host NBC’s “Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular” Monday, July 4, and also prepping for the third season of that network’s “The Sing-Off” to start in September. Plus, there’s the matter of his upcoming marriage to actress and entertainment journalist Vanessa Minnillo.

But if a 98 Degrees reunion tour were in the cards beyond that, Lachey says he’d be all in. He tells Zap2it, “Being a part of a show like ‘The Sing-Off’ and seeing these young groups, and that kind of fire in their eyes and how everything is new and exciting for them, it does kind of ignite the fire in me to get back in there with the guys again.

“You have a lot of these reunions happening now, so it seems like the time is right for it. We’ve talked about it, and we all remain good friends; there’s certainly no animosity there, no obstacles to overcome. I think it’s just a matter of it being the right time for everyone’s schedule and making it happen.”

If he wasn’t hosting “The Sing-Off” and wasn’t already established as a singer, Lachey would be game to compete on the show. “Back in the mid-’90s when I was in the group and trying to get discovered, had a show like this existed, we would have been all over it,” he maintains. “That’s what we really took a lot of pride in, being able to sing a capella.

“Back in those days, you had to sing your way backstage and get yourself in front of a manager or a radio station. We’ve seen the opportunities for young, aspiring artists really expand over the years, so absolutely. If those had been there when I was starting out and looking for a break for the group, we’d have been there.”

With the attention being paid to his forthcoming nuptials, confirmed by the many reports of the wedding shower staged on Memorial Day weekend, Lachey admits “there’s certainly a learning curve” to being in such public focus. “Over the years, having been forced to deal with that (during his earlier marriage to Jessica Simpson), you learn how to handle that stuff.

“You never get used to it, and it’s always a little bizarre and unexpected at times, but I think I’ve learned how to manage it. As long as the attention is coming for the positives in life, I’ve got no problem with it at all.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin