nick lachey gi Nick Lachey will coach Vanessa Minnillo's delivery    from the waist upNew dad-to-be Nick Lachey joined Kelly Ripa on Tuesday (March 6) on “Live! with Kelly” and shared his plans for the impending birth of his first child with wife Vanessa Minnillo.

“I’ve been told — because that’s what happens now, I’m told things — that it’s going to be a waist-up situation, if you know what I mean,” says Lachey.

“I’m gonna be there, I’m gonna be supportively there, holding hands, and coaching, breathing, all that good stuff,” he continued. “But apparently I won’t be down below, seeing what’s happening. I’ll be up above, helping.”

Lachey also recounted his experience taping the birth of a close friend’s child.

“I won’t be asking him to return the favor,” says Lachey.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson