" finale, but as far as I'm concerned, the highlight of the program has come and gone.

What's better than a smart boy who can make you laugh? Well, maybe a smart boy who can make you laugh and knows how to dress, but you know, it's "Idol," I'll take what I can get…

And Nick Mitchell comes close, no?

I fully believed he had nothing planned for his acceptance speech and was about to feel bad when he said, hit it!, ripped off his clothes and showed Simon what a real sense of humor looks like.

Oh, and nice shout out Nick gave to his comedic idols, including Ms. Whoopi Goldberg who'll no doubt be hearing about Mr. Mitchell from Sherri and Elizabeth on tomorrow's "View"…

Good move, guy. Maybe they'll even have you on as a guest.


UPDATE: And now that I know Adam was robbed, Nick really is my American Idol tonight.


Kris is very cute, sure, but Adam KILLED every time he graced that stage. He was the true talent.

Ughhh, so ready for "So You Think You Can Dance"…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh