lucas cruikshank gay Nickelodeon star Lucas Cruikshank, aka ultra hyper Fred, comes out as gay   Watch the video

Nickelodeon star Lucas Cruikshank discussed a serious matter in a lighthearted way on Tuesday (August 20). The 19-year-old revealed he is gay in a Q&A video with his best friend Jennifer Veal that he posted on Youtube.

Giggling throughout the entire goofy video, the two fielded random questions from fans until they addressed the many questions they get asking if Cruikshank is gay. He happily revealed that he is, adding to Veal, “Why don’t you have to make a video saying you’re straight?”

“I’m going to make one, I think,” Veal jokes back.

The entire video is cute, fun, and truly inspiring in the way the matter was handled — as if it wasn’t a big deal at all.

“Now you all know that he likes boys and not me,” Veal says as she ends the video.

Watch the full video below:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum