nicki minaj dirty song lyrics Nicki Minaj vs. Hot97 and Funkmaster Flex: The Summer Jam snafuJust hours before she was scheduled to perform at Sunday’s (June 3) Summer Jam, Nicki Minaj pulled out of the lineup because of comments made by a Hot97 DJ declaring that her music was no longer “real hip-hop.”

DJ Peter Rosenberg made the comments when he was discussing Minaj’s scheduled performance:

“I know there are some chicks in here waiting to sing along with ‘Starships’ later,” Rosenberg said in-between sets. “I’m not talking to y’all right now.” He then added that the song was “wack.”

That riled up Minaj’s mentor, Lil’ Wayne, who took to Twitter to announce that Nicki would not be appearing at the show. In fact, he pulled his label’s entire roster from the event. Minaj quickly posted her own message, writing “I go above and beyond for my fans. But I won’t ever go against Wayne’s word. What he says, goes.”

On Monday, Minaj called in to the radio station to talk about the big diss with DJ Funkmaster Flex.

“Wayne gave me a very, very valuable lesson last night on knowing my worth,” Nicki said on the air. “After that disrespect, I still was going on that stage. And you know what? Shame on me. Lil Wayne gave me a valuable lesson on self-worth.”

Listen to Nicki’s Hot97 exchange with Funkmaster Flex below:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson