nic cage gi Nicolas Cage in tax trouble (again), this time for unpaid gift taxesRemember when Nicolas Cage attempted to liquidate some of his assets to pay $14 million in unpaid taxes? Well, lesson not learned. According to TMZ, the “Drive Angry” actor is on the hook to the IRS for another $624,934.64 in unpaid gift taxes.

Apparently the guy, in addition to being in every movie known to man, is super-generous and gifted more than $1.8 million to people between 2004 and 2009. One problem: He failed to pay the taxes (Federal law requires a 35 percent tax be paid on gifts over $13,000).

Cage blamed his former tax manager for the $14 million in unpaid taxes he owed as of 2010. He failed to sell his Bel Air mansion at auction and ownership eventually reverted to the foreclosing lender.

Maybe there is a method to the guy’s madness — “Drive Angry 3D” and “Season of teh Witch” salaries will surely make a dent in what Cage owes the IRS.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson