It’s a good thing that Nicole Richie is getting her priorities straight.

After her sobering jail sentence last week, the "Simple Life" starlet decided to talk seriously to Diane Sawyer this week about her life, her bad choices and her drug use, and possibly even spill the beans about her unconfirmed but widely reported pregnancy.

And what’s the first thing Nicole did after lining up the TV time? My Deep Throat fashion source says she had her people call to request some appropriately chic vintage couture from Decades on Melrose for her TV appearance.

Cameron Silver boxed up a carton of couture Monday and sent it to Nicole. Which dress will she choose? Gosh, I can hardly wait to see, can you? Let’s just hope it has a loose or expandable waistline.

Photo Credits: Let’s get serious. But first, where’s my vintage couture????

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead