nicole kidman ny film festival gi Nicole Kidman: Sex scenes with Tom Cruise in 'Eyes Wide Shut' weren't 'reality'Nicole Kidman wants to dispel some rumors about her relationship with Tom Cruise in connection to Stanley Kubrick‘s 1999 drama, “Eyes Wide Shut.” The film that produced much controversy in the U.S. over some graphic sex scenes featuring Kidman and then-husband, Tom Cruise.

Kidman tells Merle Ginsberg, “People thought that making the film was the beginning of the end of my marriage, but I don’t really think it was.” She goes on to point out the kinky sex seen on screen was not the reality of her sex life with Tom.

“Stanley had to coax me into some of the sexuality in the film in the beginning,” says Nicole, “but we shot things that were a lot more extreme that didn’t end up in the movie.”

Nicole says she and Tom watched Kubrick’s cut of the film, then found out the following morning he died. “I just started screaming,” she says. “Tom and I immediately got on a plane.

According to Kidman, Kubrick never revealed to her or Cruise what the film was about, believing that interpretation would hamper creativity.

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