nicole kidman tom cruise divorce katie holmes Nicole Kidman talks Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and her "loneliest, loneliest existence" after divorceNicole Kidman has broken her silence about her painful divorce from Tom Cruise — and contradicts reports that she reached out to Katie Holmes following her own breakup with the “Mission: Impossible” movie star.

“I never spoke to her,” Kidman tells Australia’s Who magazine. “I wish all of them well, but I was not involved in any of that.”

The actress, married to Cruise from 1990 to 2001, describes the period following her divorce as “the loneliest, loneliest existence.”

“When it didn’t work out, I had to really dig deep and find my way through depression,” Kidman says about her breakup with Cruise. “But I have no regrets about all of it. It was all a part of growing up.”

“It was a fantastic decade,” she adds about her first marriage. “I wish all of the people that have been involved in my life well, because it’s very important to me to be in a place of forgiveness and love.”

“I got married really fast and really young. But I don’t regret that because it got me [children] Bella and Connor and I did have a fantastic marriage for a long period,” says the Oscar-winning actress.

Kidman, 45, has been happily married to country star Keith Urban since 2006. The couple, who both hail from Australia, have two daughters, Sunday and Faith.

“I’m amazed that I have been a mother for so much of my life now,” she says. “It’s odd, but because of them I don’t feel 45.”

But Kidman despaired of conceiving a child on her own, and calls her surprise pregnancy with daughter Sunday “the miracle of my life.” (Connor and Bella were adopted; Faith was born via surrogacy.)

“I had tried and failed and failed,” she reveals. “Every woman who has been through all those ups and downs knows the depression that comes with it. So the way it just happened with Sunday was like, ‘What?’ The percentages were so low. ”

“All my kids are highlights of my life. They are all of my biggest joys.”

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