Tomcruise_nicolekidmanNicole Kidman, star of the upcoming dramatic epic, "Australia," opens up in Elle about her marriage to Tom Cruise and their respective new relationships with Katie Holmes and Keith Urban.

On finding love again:

"I didn’t foresee it, that you can meet somebody who you have a deep and more profound love with. … I don’t mean to take away anything with Tom, but I would hope that he has the same thing — I know he has the same thing with Katie. You move into a stage where you’re able to be a more fuller person in your relationship. …

"I want to be really careful with that because I don’t want to take away from 11 years with that man that were really important. Really, for our kids — they were amidst a lot of love. It wasn’t bad. And now we’re amidst a more evolved love."

But she has no regrets. On whether she felt she got married too young to Tom Cruise:

"Would I want my kids to get married at that age? No! But that was an extraordinary thing for me. [Tom] taught me an enormous amount — as a girl into a woman.

Absolutely, I would do it again."

Photo: Nicole and Tom at Universal Studios in 1992.
Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead