What they’re talking about…Nicolekidm_d_ar_9199655_600
Why didn’t the Lord our Father who art in heaven smite Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman – divorced from Tom Cruise – for getting rehitched in a Catholic Church?

Hint: she got off on a technicality.

Note to Britney and Paris: dying your hair black – or wearing a black wig – is not an effective disguise, okay?

Next thing you know these girls will be trying to outsmart the pesky paparazzi by using Superman’s fool-proof ploy: Clark Kentish black nerd glasses.Parishilto_andy__9168173_600

Now, listen up…

To this astonishing comparison of Madonna‘s “Holiday” and Jessica Simpson‘s brand new single, “Public Affair.” Then you decide.

Photo Credits: Nicole flees the scene of the crime after her church wedding to Keith Urban in Darling Point, Australia.
WireImage/Don Arnold

Photo Credits: Talk about a Sister Act. Paris is the mirror image of pal Caroline d’Amour at the 02 Wireless festival in Hyde Park, London. But forget the black wig. It’s the matching tongue action that’s really creepy.
WireImage/Don Arnold

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