jersey shore politics funny or die Nicole Polizzi and the 'Jersey Shore' gang remind you to vote in the 2012 electionIs the “Jersey Shore” gang deeper than we thought? Nicole Polizzi (a.k.a. our beloved Snooki), Pauly D, Jenni Farley (J-WOWW), Mike Sorrentino (The Situation) and the rest of the crew filmed a political PSA for Funny or Die that might surprise you.

In collaboration with MTV ‘s Power of 12 initiative, the Macaroni Rascals memorized some seriously academic dialogue for a video allegedly written by Aaron Sorkin designed to encourage young people to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

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“You guys realize that this kind of apathy is damaging to our younger generations,” Vinny tells his pals when they express disinterest in the election. “If anything, our lessened influence is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

While none of the “Shore” cast members are great actors, it’s actually pretty funny to hear them spout political rhetoric and reveal a new definition for GTL: “game theory logic.”

Check out the PSA. Are you registered to vote in the upcoming election?

Posted by:Jean Bentley