nicole scherzinger gi 320 Nicole Scherzinger as 'The X Factor' host? Sure, why not?Another day, another person connected to “The X Factor” hosting job.

The latest person is ex-Pussycat Doll and “Dancing With the Stars” champ Nicole Scherzinger, who, a source tells People, will serve as host of the FOX show. Or co-host with Corbin Bleu, or maybe model Marisa Miller. We’re actually inclined to believe that Scherzinger will in fact get the gig, but the speculation about who will fill the role has been flying so fast and thick lately that it’s hard to keep track.

Scherzinger’s rumored involvement with the American version of “The X Factor” goes back almost a year — since she served as a guest judge on the British “X Factor” last summer. Her name was first floated as a potential judge, but more recently she’s been said to be in the mix for the host’s job. “The X Factor” creator Simon Cowell has said in past interviews that he “adores” Scherzinger.

Whether the show will have one or two hosts is also an open question, so there may yet be hope for Bleu, Miller, Enrique Iglesias, Taylor Momsen or any of the other people who have supposedly been linked to the job. OK, maybe not Taylor Momsen.

The official word on a host or hosts is likely to come soon, since mass auditions have already begun and filming will follow soon after in preparation for “The X Factor’s” fall debut.

Posted by:Rick Porter