nicole scherzinger zap2it Nicole Scherzinger's tenure on 'The X Factor': Where did it all go wrong?When Nicole Scherzinger got fired from “The X Factor”
on Monday (Jan. 30), it may have come as a shock to some. But the signs were all there that the tenure of the former Pussycat Doll, who herself was discovered on the singing competition “Popstars,” was doomed from the start.

Fans of the show know that Scherzinger wasn’t even producers’ first choice for the fourth judge’s chair. She was actually a late replacement after Cheryl Cole got the hook. And without proper time to really test out the chemistry, the Scherzinger experiment was off to a rough beginning.

While she did a nice job helping runner-up Josh Krajcik get to the finals, it was his talent that was really the key here.

Scherzinger was often the victim of barbs from Simon Cowell. While this is par for the course for Cowell, it was clear that he viewed her as a music industry lightweight when compared to the other judges L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul.

Then there was her biggest gaffe, the Rachel Crow incident. It was here that Scherzinger had a chance to save the crowd favorite from going home. But she punted on the responsibility and left it up to the public to decide if it was Crow (who was in Cowell’s group) or Marcus Canty who would get the boot. After the results came out and Crow was sent packing, the crowd heartily booed Scherzinger.

Following the incident, the judge hid in her dressing room for 30 minutes before finally facing the media. At that time Scherzinger admits, “I let her [Crow] down.”

As the competition wound down, it was clear that Scherzinger was having difficulty with the stress of the job and the time commitments it required.

In the post finale press conference on Dec. 22, 2011, the singer lamented the fact that she wasn’t able to spend enough time focusing on her own projects. Scherzinger says at the time, “I pushed back my album because I put so much time into this.”

Posted by:David Eckstein