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“Clean House” and “Reno 911” star, Niecy Nash, learned a lot about weddings her second time around. And she tells us that there’s plenty of lessons to be learned for viewers from her two-hour special on TLC, “Niecy Nash’s Wedding Bash,” premiering Saturday, June 4 at 8 p.m. ET.
“I don’t have a bride gene,” Nash tells Zap2it. “I was never one of those girls who pretended to get married to my cousin in the backyard. Or, you know, already had the wedding planned and all you had to do was ‘insert groom here.’ I don’t think I made a fantastic bride. I hit my stride when I become a wife. You know, leading up to the wedding, making good choices, I really needed help with that. [You’ll see] how the first one looked like. A mess.”
So at 41-years-old, with three kids, and a first marriage that lasted 16 years behind her, Nash embarked on not only planning a wedding event, but a second marriage to electrical engineer, Jay Tucker.
Here are five lessons Nash learned from her own wedding do-over:

1.) “You can get a do-over at love. I’m like, ‘Ok, wait a minute. I’m divorced, I have some stretch marks, I have three kids… how’s this all going to come together?’ But, I believed I could do it again. I wanted to do it again. So, I put on some tight spanx, dressed up my kids, and went outside to find them a new daddy.”
2.) “[Creating a blended family] is a work in progress… At the time, my fianc´┐Ż was inheriting three children from me and I was inheriting one from him. So, there is a transition when you’re bringing in someone new into your children’s lives. So, we have to do the work to get through that.”

3.) “‘Sex and the City’ was the truth. You never want to let the wedding get bigger than the relationship.”
4.) “Settle on the fact that you’re going to have some in-laws and some outlaws and find a way to make it work.”
5.) “Make sure you really enjoy the day. Don’t get so stressed out by the joyous moment and not enjoy it.”
What do you think of Niecy’s five tips for future brides? What would you add?
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