nigel lythgoe getty Nigel Lythgoe on 'American Idol's' shocking elimination: 'It's not about the judges' opinion'To say “American Idol” fans were upset over Thursday, Apr. 7’s shocking elimination — Pia Toscano was sent home — is a bit of an understatement.

Zap2it’s article about her departure from the competition has racked up almost 100 comments, most expressing their frustration with the show. Here’s a few:

Big mistake sending Pia home I will never watch your show again.” — Ben Constable

I officially HATE American Idol.. Never again shall I watch that show!!! Pia was the greatest singer on there.“– Neill

Time to go to a weighted scoring system 50% fans 50% judges, this sucks, lack of votes for a future icon, good luck Pia.” — Jeff

“Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe took to his Twitter to express his opinion on Pia’s elimination: “I am still shocked and sad about last night’s American Idol result. I guess that’s going to happen every week now!!?”

Shortly after, one of his followers tweeted him with a concern a lot of fans are now vocalizing: The judges are not really criticizing any of the contestants’ performances. “Then have the judges make clear who deserves to leave,” @adambonin wrote in response to Lythgoe’s tweet.

Lythgoe retweeted the comment — twice — before answering. “IT IS NOT ABOUT THE JUDGES OPINION IT’S ABOUT YOURS!! U R NOT SHEEP!”

Here’s the thing: The judges kind of feel the same about every single contestant this season (Steven Tyler literally thinks everyone “sings beautiful”) and their critiques really haven’t differed. What’s the point of having the judges sit there each week “critiquing” the contestants if their opinions almost never vary — or apparently matter — in the end? We’re just sayin’.

Anyone else wishing Simon Cowell was keeping a blog or Twitter account to share his thoughts on the Season 10 contestants?

Do you think the “Idol” judges have gone too easy on contestants in Season 10 and are partially to blame for Pia’s exit?

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