“Nikita” isn’t all about fighting and guns. Sometimes the recruits dress up and look pretty … for dangerous missions that might still involve fighting and guns.

On the Thursday, Sept. 16 episode titled “2.0,” we see more of Nikita’s deeper game with Division.

Spoilers: If you haven’t seen the first episode, why are you reading this?

Okay, the big twist that actually took many of us by surprise was that Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is Nikita’s (Maggie Q) mole in Division, planted there through an elaborate bank heist plan.

“I think Alex has to play a part and play a game of getting along to a certain extent because she’s here for a job,” Fonseca tells Zap2it when she’s not showing us her tattoos. “She’s here to do something. Whether or not she means it, that’s internal stuff that we’ll eventually see.”

As we can see from the preview clip, even though Alex is a newbie recruit, she’s being activated. And we assume she’s being activated specifically because of something unique to her or her past, about which we have yet to learn.

Whatever the reason, we see that she’s pretty dolled up. And no, we didn’t use “doll” by accident. There are shades of “Dollhouse” going on here, not necessarily because she’s being made to order for this particular case, but because of the shadowy agency that has ambiguous motives and that pervading sense of foreboding. Also, we’re kind of skeeved out about Fonseca — who looks great — entertaining this dude in this get-up.

lyndsy fonseca nikita ep2 250x300 'Nikita': Alex the mole gets activated“Alex has one episode of dressing up,” teases Fonseca. “It’s kind of fun to be all girly and put on a pretty dress with heels and get made up, but then I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m ready for my recruit-wear now.'”

The world of “Nikita” isn’t what it seems though, and Alex is no different. Now that we know about Alex and Nikita, we’ll start filling in the gaps of our knowledge throughout the season.

“They’ve been really amazing with creating flashbacks that tell a lot of the history of Alex and Nikita and how they came to meet,” explains Fonseca.

“Eventually Nikita will be in training in Division in flashbacks. It’ll go between me and Maggie meeting and how she saves me and all of that stuff, which is really good because we don’t work together a lot in the present day. So it’s really good that it shows our connection and our bond. With telling the past, that tells the future. There will be a lot of stuff coming up.”

Tune in for “2.0,” in which Nikita is caught in a train station shoot-out when she tries to thwart Division’s plans to put a Slavic leader wanted for war crimes into protective custody. Somehow, Alex gets caught in the action as well.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen