Cameron Daddo.jpgFormer “24” Vice president Cameron Daddo has just been cast in “Nikita.” He’s taking a step up the governmental ladder. This time he’s the President! He’ll be part of a major plot line where Division goes up against the Oval Office.

TV Line reports that the Australian actor will play President Charles Grayson. Considering that Division is unknown, even to the top brass in the government, this should be a big event. Most of the story is being kept quiet, but we do know one thing.

According to the site, the President will be introduced in Episode 22, entitled, “Crossbow.” Everyone will have to up their game, as the Commander in Chief will be blackmailed with a weapon that could cause major destruction.

Daddo has also been seen in shows like “Rizzoli & Isles” and “The Mentalist.” Let us know what you think of this casting news below.

Posted by:jbusch