nikita crossbow shane west maggie q the cw 'Nikita' 'Crossbow': That Birkhoff kiss!We’re just going to forget the rest of the penultimate “Nikita” episode for a second. It has to be done, because that Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford)/Nikita (Maggie Q) kiss cannot be ignored. Did anyone else yelp at the television? He told Michael (Shane West) that he could be mad at him later. Amazing moment, no?

This entire episode was emotion-soaked. Nikita was angry and said she wasn’t going to take it anymore. She wasn’t going to run. Q pulled no punches with that scene. Neither did anyone else as they sort of said goodbye, just in case. Even the moment when Michael lowers Nikita down the hole at Division, you can see the emotion in his face. “You scare the crap out of my but I love you anyway.” Oh Michael.

In the meantime, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sean (Dillon Casey) are after an old Division friend and they have to take down the people at the Farm. One of whom was willing to sacrifice her boyfriend (who was just as willing) to set off the death alarm. It just shows how deep the Division conditioning goes and how incredible it is that Alex and Nikita got out.

The President is involved now, and the season finale promises to be huge. We know Nikita is going to get out of the explosion, especially with the show being renewed. But is Percy (Xander Berkeley) going to get away with this?

As always, it was the characters that were the draw, far more than the action scenes, as good as they are. Best lines of the night? All from Birkhoff. He mentions a golden snitch, Ma and Pa Kent, says “May the force be with you” and says Percy has his own personal death star. We love you, Birkhoff!

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