devon sawa john cruz 500 'Nikita': Devon Sawa will guest star as a new nemesisWatch out, Nikita. Division will unleash a super agent on you, and he has a dark history.

Devon Sawa — most fondly remembered for starring in 2000’s “Final Destination” film that kicked off the franchise — will guest star on The CW’s new action drama “Nikita” this fall, a rep for the network confirms to Zap2it. The news was first reported by E!

Nikita (Maggie Q) was trained to be an assassin by Division, went rogue and is now back to try to take the agency down. Sawa will play a character named Owen, who is a match for Nikita when it comes to skills.

We don’t actually know if Owen has a dark history (although it seems to be the M.O. when it comes to the people Division hires to become deadly weapons), but Sawa definitely does when it comes to his resume. Let’s take a look back …

idle hands devon sawa 320 'Nikita': Devon Sawa will guest star as a new nemesisIt seems that Sawa has always been drawn to semi-dark roles or projects. One of our first memories of his film work (besides “Casper” with Christina Ricci) is “Idle Hands,” a comedy horror in which lazy Anton’s (Sawa) right hand becomes possessed and bloodthirsty. Seth Green, Jessica Alba and Elden Henson co-starred.

Sawa also starred in the original “Final Destination” film as Alex Browning, a guy who has a premonition that a plane will explode and warns his fellow students before a class trip to France. They all get off the plane, which does explode later. One by one, however, each of those students die in horrible ways, and it’s determined that Death had a plan and will not be thwarted.

Finally, we recall Sawa in a creepy role as the titular obsessed fan in the video “Stan” by Eminem. We’ll just let you see it for yourself:

Sawa, 31, may be having something of a revival in his career, after disappearing from big-name projects for a while. In February, he made a guest appearance on “NCIS: Los Angeles” as an LAPD detective. We’re so happy to see him back.

We also would like to note that he has two tattoos — a cartoon devil on one arm and a cross on the other arm — so he’ll fit right in with the “Nikita” cast.

“Nikita” premieres on Thursday, Sept. 9 on The CW.

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